There are different hotel facilities, which help keep guests active. These activities also keep them entertained when staying in the hotel or just visiting for a day. Below are some of the indoor activities that different hotels offer.

Indoor Swimming

Many hotels have swimming pools inside the premises. One advantage is that everyone can enjoy a swim even when the weather isn’t favourable. Some hotels offering this activity within Europe include the Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel in Italy, Lujo Hotel A’la Carle in Turkey, and Aqva Hotel and Spa in Estonia.


Some hotels in Europe have bowling facilities, a popular indoor sporting activity. These hotels include the Izmailaro Delta Hotel in Moscow, Prague Marriot Hotel in Prague, The Shelbourne Autograph Collection in Dublin and many more.

Ice Skating

Few hotels have indoor ice rinks with Les Hauts De Gstaad and The Chedi Andermatt, in Switzerland among the hotels with ice skating facilities.


Squash is a popular indoor activity offered by some of the leading hotels in Europe such as The County Hotel and Dalston Hall Hotel in the United Kingdom.