Most of us like to accompany our meals or snacks with a good beverage, be it at a hotel, bar, or even at home. The drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Read through this article for the top beverages one can enjoy when visiting Europe.


It is a drink made from apples, plums, pears, apricots, or cherries and originates from Austria and Germany. Those who want to have this drink should look out for Obstbrand and Obstler. It is also a fruit brandy identical to other distilled beverages on the continent. However, it is easy to identify which fruit has been used from the drink’s taste.


This drink is popular in Albania, Bulgaria, and Croatia, among many Eastern European countries. The fruit ingredients and flavours are different, although the strength is what they have in common. The Rakia has a similar concept to the national liquors throughout the Balkans. Still, the historical conventions and culture differ by drinking it.


Fassbrause is a German drink made from fruits, spices, and malt extract. Its colour is similar to that of beer with a sweet apple flavour. It can be an alcoholic drink, depending on the brand. It is essential to know about laws related to alcohol consumption when visiting countries such as New Zealand and other member states. Fassbrause means keg soda, which is the traditional way of conserving the drink.

Dandelion and Burdock

The drink is composed of fragmented dandelion and burdock roots. It is a carbonated soft drink known to the British Isles. It has an exclusive herbal flavour, and it is dark in colour. It was first introduced in Ireland and was brought over to England by the end of the 19th century. The recipe is still in use today, and the drink is quite famous.

Leche Merengada

This drink is typically homemade and occasionally found in ice cream parlours. It is served in long glasses, and the top is sprinkled with cinnamon powder. It is an ice-cold Spanish drink that is sweet and is made out of milk and whipped egg whites. The milk is warmed and often spiced with lemon zest and cinnamon before it is cooled, and the beaten egg whites are added.

These are a few well-known drinks in Europe, and it’s crucial to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation.