Every country has its staple food eaten by the locals and tourists who are visiting. The local foods can differ from desserts to main dishes or even appetisers, and vary from country to country. A few of the local foods in Europe are listed below.

Fish and Chips

Not many know that fish and chips are a local British dish that has been made famous globally. This favourite British dish is on the top of any food lover’s list for visitors to London and the United Kingdom. Fish and chips are best eaten at the sea-side, but it is possible to find fantastic fish in London served with chips. The dish is available in many local or international hotels and restaurants in Europe.

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie originates from Scotland and the North of England and is a decent and ideal British meal. It is generally made from minced lamb and potatoes. However, many families substitute beef for lamb, referred to as cottage pie. It is usually made at home but can also be found at The Ivy in London.

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a fillet of steak coated in pate and then rolled in pastry. This dish does not share any link with the British nobility, although it shares its name with the famous Duke of Wellington. It is served in several posh pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom. The most delicious one is served at the House Restaurant in The Lanes Brighton.

These are a few of Europe’s local foods that are now served globally. Many restaurants and hotels worldwide offer continental cuisine as part of their menu.